Welcome to CKRD-Industrial-Training-Institute

CKRD-Industrial Training Institute,under the Directorate of Industrial Training, Department of Technical Education and Training, Govt. of Rajasthan was established in the year 2000 as works cum Orientation Centre with the intake capacity of approx 300 trainees..

Education levels were rising leading to higher expectations. These factors combined to create a situation wherein unemployment continued to rise because the mass of youth did not have access to job oriented education & were thus not fit for employment in the fledgling Indian Industry.

Summary of Trades affiliated to NCVT

Trade Name Shift intake capacity Total No. of Units DGET order No. Remarks
1st 2nd 3rd
84 84 84
12 6/20/31/2013-TC-30/07/2013
26 26  
2 6/20/31/2013-TC-30/07/2013
Ref. & AC
26 26  
2 6/20/31/2013-TC-30/07/2013
Computer Operator & Programming Assistant
26 26  
2 6/20/31/2013-TC-30/07/2013
21 21  
2 DGET-12/1/2014-TC  
Mechanic Diesel
21 21 21
3 DGET-12/1/2014-TC